Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Boob Hair

So it would seem that "boob hair" is pretty coveted.  Just go ask Amber.  She's all about her boob hair.  Okay, let me just take a step back and state that "boob hair" is when your hair (on your noggin) is so long it comes down to, and covers, your boobs.  If you have furry mammary glands, you're on a whole other level that I am not prepared to talk about.

In any event, I've been growing my hair out for a good six years or so (and I haven't had a haircut since February), so my hurr is starting to get realllly long.  It's also really, really thick.  And wavy.  And in the Virginia heat it has been nothing short of stifling.  So for about ten minutes yesterday I thought about chopping it off.  All. Off.  See: shoulder-length.  So, before making an appointment and doing something hasty (which I have totally done before), I figured I should weigh some pros and cons.


It photographs well.
I can use it as a scarf in the winter time.
It looks cool.
I'm hoping someday I'll be some famous Pantene Pro-V hair model (yeah right).
It's gotten so long I really don't have to "fix" it.
It can double as a cat toy.

I'm starting to have a hard time getting a brush/comb through it.
It gets stuck in my purse strap.
It gets stuck under Ryan while we're sleeping (ouch).
It's gotten stuck in my armpit (which really hurts when you turn your head).
I go through hair product really fast.
It takes 45 minutes to blow dry (so I usually don't).

So the pros and cons pretty much outweigh each other.  Although I do have to say, Ryan would totally find it justifiable to break up with me if I chopped it off.  And I kinda like the guy.

Ever had really long hair? Ever had really short hair? (I've had both, and have reasons to love and hate both.)  What're your thoughts?

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