Thursday, January 12, 2012


So this last week or so I've sat down and actually thought out some resolutions that I think I'll be able to stick with.  I decided to stray away from the typical "lose weight, stop procrastinating, be more organized" kinds of resolutions because those always seem to fall through.  
Instead I've decided to start doing small things that make me feel better, both physically and emotionally; and I want to do things that make others feel better.
Because I get the feeling 2012 is gonna be awesome and I want to share that awesomeness with others.  So, without further adieu...

Stop swearing on Facebook.  For those who know me in real life, I swear like a sailor.  Combined with the fact I got Facebook back when you had to have a college email address means that I'm used to saying whatever I want without the consequences of adults seeing it.
But now that my mom AND grandmother have Facebook pages, coupled with the fact that employers are looking at the social networking site, I figured it would be a good idea to tone it down a little.
There's still gonna be the occasional bad word on the ole blog though.  I can't change who I am, I can only restrain.  My apologies in advance.

Do yoga at least five times a week.  I've been doing pretty well with this one and already my back pain isn't nearly as bad as it usually is.  I do end up swearing at the unnaturally bendy yoga instructor on my DVD.  I can't even bend over and touch my toes and that woman is folded in half resting her butt on the back of her head.  Unfair, I tell you!

via Learn more new words.  I have a pretty expansive vocabulary already (I'm not trying to sound like a pompous jerk, I just read a lot), but I enjoy learning new words (because I'm a huge nerd).

I want to show more gratitude.  I'm a pretty sarcastic, pessimistic person, but I'm a die-hard romantic and optimist on the inside.  I have a friend who's always doing something sweet to show thanks, and I was recently on the receiving end of that from her, and it just felt really nice to be appreciated.  So I'm going to start paying that forward.  You know what they say, giving feels better than receiving.

  And last but not least: wear red lipstick.  This sounds pretty trivial but it always makes me feel so grown-up and pretty when I wear it.  Granted, this is when I'm playing big girl dress up at home, I think it's going to take some psychological adjusting when leaving the house. So there you have it, my resolutions for 2012.  Have you made any?  How are they holding up?

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