Tuesday, March 27, 2012

What Tablescape?

Some close friends came over on Saturday for a little wine and cheese shindig.

We had a lot of wine (five bottles, to be exact), a lot of cheese, good food, great conversation, and many laughs.

What was missing?

A fancy tablescape.

Here in blogland, we're inundated with pictures of beautiful parties and immaculately set tables.  I've been itching to have people over for a little soiree since we moved in, but hesitated because I didn't have all the trappings to have a fancy table.

But in the end, the need for wine won out and we did this without chargers, or cloth napkins, or candlesticks.

Pictures were taken with an iPhone, not a fancy DSLR.

Everyone was having too much fun to notice.

The moral of the story?

Yeah, pretty pictures are fun to look at, and I inspire every day to make my home more beautiful.
But at the end of the day, it's what happens inside this home that makes it beautiful, not how it's decorated.

And I'd take a night like Saturday over designer pillows any day.
(But if I could have both, I wouldn't complain)

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