Monday, April 9, 2012

Easy Eggs

I have probably THE WORST eating habits of anyone I know.  Namely, I eat one full meal a day, and it's usually at 10:30 pm after I get out of work.

Working in a restaurant for what is now approaching five years can seriously jack up your eating schedule.

I've been getting into the habit of eating breakfast, but it leaves me feeling a little peckish before I go in for the dinner shift.  I don't want to stuff up on heavy food because I'm still in the habit of eating dinner late in the evening (and if anyone has ever worked in a restaurant, you know how much mid-shift snacking goes on).

So, here's one of my tried-and-true late afternoon snacks: hard boiled eggs!

Hard-Boiled Eggs with Mustard*

136 cals
374 mg chol
0 g carbs
240 mg sodium
12 g protein
0 g fiber

Here's what you'll need:

Two eggs
Coarse mustard
Fresh herb of your choice (I used basil in the picture above, but cilantro and parsley are equally delicious)

Make It!:

1.  Hard boil your eggs.  Don't know how to do that? It's easy!  
2.  Place your eggs in the bottom of a small saucepan, add COLD water to cover your eggs by about an inch.  Add some salt in case your eggs crack while boiling (this will keeps your whites from running out into the water).  Bring water to a boil, then TURN OFF YOUR BURNER!  
3.  Leave your pot where it is, and just cover it and let those babies sit for 10-15 minutes (12 minutes is the magic number on my crappy electric stove, but times will vary; gas burners may need to sit a little longer, as the electric coil holds heat whereas a burner won't.).  
4.  Remove eggs with a slotted spoon and run under cold water or place in the fridge or an ice bath until you can handle them.
5.  Peel and cut in half.
6.  Top with a dollop of grainy mustard and an herb of your choice.
7.  Enjoy!

*Recipe adapted from Whole Living

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