Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Spring Break Recap

It's Wednesday and Ryan and I are back to work today. :( 
Corey and Cassie are here through Saturday and we've got a couple more things planned, but for now I'll give you major photo overload from our trip to the Southside on Saturday and Sunday.

USS George H. W. Bush.  Not Ryan's ship, but it's the same class of aircraft carrier that he's on.  Except this one isn't torn apart (the Roosevelt is in dry dock for a re-haul until June of 2014).

I came to a very quick consensus that I could never be in the Navy - that ship is huge and the ladders and stairwells on it are tiny.  No thank you.

The view from our hotel room.

Mmm, gyros!

Ryan tests out the water.  Conclusion: freaking cold.

My favorite pic of the bunch.

I have a thing for statues.

Cutest. Proposal. Ever.  I hope she said yes!

Hole in one!  And goosebumps.  I won BOTH rounds of mini golf, much to Ryan's chagrin.  He's a sore loser.  And sucks at mini golf.  But he makes up for it by being good at real golf whereas I, while a genius at putt-putt, am ATROCIOUS at real golf.

USS Wisconsin.  Check out those sexy curves!

Looking across the Elizabeth River towards downtown Portsmouth.  

Loved this painting.  I wonder if I could recreate it...

Also, this weekend has completely changed my perspective on photography.  While I still lust over $1200 cameras, I realize that ain't ever gonna happen.  In fact, I don't think a $300 camera is going to happen any time soon.

But having my iPhone with me has made it so easy to snap pictures quickly, without having to wrestle with camera gear.  Instagram and Hipstamatic have also made it super fun.  My way to have a fun weekend?  Shake your iPhone so Hipstamatic "randomizes" your "gear" and take pictures.

Oh yeah, we're getting wild over here.

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