Friday, January 25, 2013


Ryan and I sat in traffic for THREE HOURS today; a trip that usually only takes 30 minutes.  Seriously, there's less than two inches of snow on the ground and everyone puts their car into a ditch.  Southern Virginians can NOT drive in the snow.  So frustrating.  We eventually gave up trying to get home and stopped at a new bar that just opened up.  We weren't expecting much, but we DEFINITELY weren't expecting the sweetest bartenders ever, or amazing Hawaiian food at under $10 a plate.  We're definitely adding this place in to our rotation.

I love this man, and I love the way our noses are all squished up against each other.

Yeah, we're not the most photogenic couple.  Ryan thought it was weird I wanted him to take a picture of us.  While we were sitting at the bar.  Whatever, it's not like anyone was looking at us.

Ryan took this picture at Christmas.  My nephew has absolutely hated my guts for the last two years, but this last trip home I was suddenly his "best fwend," and he spent the entire time snuggled in my lap, which was especially satisfying, as he is NOT a snuggly kid at all.

And yes, he is grabbing my boob and giving Ryan a "What are you gonna do about it, buddy?" look.

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