Friday, April 19, 2013

Happy Hour: One More Again!

Blogger, I am shaking my fist and muttering at you right now.

On Wednesday when I installed the cocktail series poll, I used Blogger's poll widget.  There have been a couple times now where I've tried to track the results and.... they were not resulting.  The poll only showed one answer at a time, and each time was different.

Damn you, poll widget!

So, after much cursing and page refreshing, and a little help from Google, I remade the poll using Poll Daddy's software.

I already have a cocktail idea in mind for you lovelies' first go-round, but please please please revote so I have an idea of what kind of drinks you'd like to see featured!

Also, stay tuned because there's gonna be something awesome on Monday!

Thanks a bunch and have a fantastic weekend!

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