Monday, April 1, 2013

I've Got Spring Cleaning on the Brain

Maybe it's the sudden rise in temperature.  Maybe it's the fact that Ryan has all week off and plans to clean the gutters (gasp!).  Maybe the cobwebs in my window screens stopped looking cool after Halloween.  Or maybe I'm just tired of shit everywhere.  

In any case, I've got the organizing bug, and I've got biiiiiig plans for this week.

Linen closet, you are first on my hit list.

When I moved out on my own, I inherited a mish mash of linens from well-meaning family members.  Then I ended up collecting even more on my own.  Then Ryan and I moved in together and added his collection of stuff.  THEN we had a friend get out of the Navy and supply us with HIS old linens.

We've got towels, sheets, comforters, and more taking up THREE CLOSETS in our house!  THREE!

The linen closet looks like a laundromat got murdered in there and I don't even want to talk about the guest room.

But Pinterest has come in handy again with some inspiration:


And after that?  The bathroom.




My goal is to get all of this done this week. (Yeah, right!)  But I can try, right?  I guess my biggest obstacle is the fact that I need to buy organizational bins and such, and we're pretty tight on money right now.  But that just means that I'll have to avoid Target and hit up the Dollar Store for storage solutions.  But Target has such cute bins! (Insert whiny voice here).

Spring Cleaning Goals:
- Organize/purge linen closet
- Organize/purge guest room closet
- Fix guest closet hanging rod
- Organize hall bath under-sink cabinet
- Organize hall bath medicine cabinet
- Organize master bath under-sink cabient
- Organize master bath medicine cabinet
- Photograph it all so I can do a Before & After post

Anyone else out there have Spring Cleaning on the brain?  Have you tackled any big organization projects before?  I could definitely use some tips!


  1. I LOVE pinterest for organization ideas. Your list looks great, good luck wiht it!

    1. Thanks! I'm gonna need some extra coffee to get through this!

  2. Pinterest always make closets look so nice. That isn't real, but it's nice to work towards it. Good luck.

    1. I know! Pinterest just makes it all look so easy. TOO easy! I'm looking at these pictures and glaring at my linen closet and kind of just wishing it would organize itself. I'm a little daunted.

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