Friday, January 27, 2012


Yesterday the Stink-Eared Wonder and I went on a walk.  Bear's really chunked up since I got him neutered in February (and he's seven so he's also just starting to get old), and the vet told me to cut back his food to one cup twice daily and to take him on more walks.  After stuffing him full of antibiotics and steroids and then squirting a bunch of stuff in his ears (which he was not happy about) I then proceeded to give him the smallest breakfast ever.  Seriously, he looked at his dog bowl and then at me like "What the deuce lady?  Is this it?" 

So I compensated by letting him pee on public structures down at the Lion's Head Bridge.

Yesterday was pretty warm but really cloudy.  It was perfect for getting some "desolate winter by the water" shots without freezing my buns off.  Although I've sort of been slacking in the exercise department so it would have been nice if my buns literally had frozen off.  You know, nice in a really creepy, not-recommended-by-doctors way.

I didn't notice until I blew up this pic on Blogger how awesome the James River Bridge looks in the background.  Makes me want to go back and get a shot of just it.

By no means am I any good at photography, but I was really pleased with the way all of these came out. The colors are just what I wanted.  It's nice when you get something right.  Right?  Right.

Hello, Aslan.  Sorta looks like he's glaring at me out the corner of his eye.  Like he's a guard at Buckingham Palace and I'm an annoying tourist.  Which is pretty valid.

Love love love the colors on this one.  Bummed the background got a little blown-out.  

On one side of the bridge is the James River, on the other is Lake Maury with this satisfyingly huge and twisty tree that everyone likes to sit under. 

Ethical question of the week: Is it wrong to use your dog as a keychain?  Personally, I think it's about time he started pulling his weight around here.

I'm a sucker for sculpture.

"Taters?  What's taters, Precious?"

Those are spuds.  In my Crock Pot.  Funny how I've had that thing for four years and never used it until now.  I've been using it at least once a week lately.  Why did no one tell me it was so convenient!?

Caramelizing onions for my spuds.  Alright folks, have a wonderful weekend!  

P.S. - Anyone have any good Crock Pot recipes?  According to hubs I'm only allowed to make stew once a week.

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  1. I really like all of your photos. I felt like I was going for a walk with you. What app did you use on the top shots? Have a great weekend!

  2. Beautiful photos, and I love your doggie keychain! :)

  3. Love that third photo. You're right, the colors are awesome!