Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Styling a Console Table: Idea Board

Ryan and I scored this console table via Craigslist for twenty bucks a few weeks ago.  It's from Pier 1, and the top is solid... granite? slate?  Whatever, it's heavy.  And nice.  And the perfect dumping ground for all our crap.

This is actually what it looks like AFTER I've cleaned it off, and it's still not very appealing to look at.  So I've been slumming around the ole interwebs looking for a little inspiration.  And now, eye candy!

While all of these are lovely, I need mine to look good and be functional.  But that's why we call it "inspiration," no?

I want to go with an asymmetrical arrangement, using one tall object - such as a lamp - on one side, balanced by a smaller grouping on the other, with a little something in the middle.

I'd like to add a lamp (our house gets very little natural light, which is a bummer), but there's no outlet on that wall.  Instead I'm going to try to gain height by putting some floral branches in that teal vase.

For the other end, I'd like to add a small collection of framed photos.

Now that's all nice and pretty, but what about that function element?

Enter in... a tray! Preferably a swanky tray from Furbish?

I'm dying over this Pennant Tray, and I think it will not only bring in some more punchy color to play up that vase, but will also be the perfect vessel to hold our mail and keys.

Last but not least?  Slipcover those dang stools.  Fluff has turned the tops into her personal scratching post, but they provide much-needed extra storage and it's nice to have extra seating close at hand.

I'd like to use a navy and white graphic fabric, maybe something along the lines of this:


or this:

Connect the Blocks-Navy & White

Put all that in a blender, add a couple ice cubes, a shot of tequila elbow grease, and what you get is...


I am so excited!  I think some fun colors will really help brighten up our entryway.


  1. fun colors can certainly add a lot of life to that space! you have a great starting point--so it'll be fun to pull together the pieces :) I love the idea of bringing in some metallic too! that will really make it pop! have a great night! xoxo {av}

  2. Be bold and go wild (a little...) I actually really really love your big yellow painting, maybe you could emphasize it with a little more mustard-yellow vases or a little graphic print. The flower branch will give texture and height - perfect choice! I also love what you wanna do with the stools. Keep up the good work and thank you for commenting on my pink coffee tables! I'm a follower, please post the final result.