Monday, March 19, 2012

Garden Party

Last week I took advantage of the crazy gorgeous weather we've been having and got a little yard work done.  It all started with my bright idea to surprise the hubs by mowing the grass so he wouldn't have to (he hates yard work). 

Fast forward a few hours when Ryan comes home from work and finds a friend and I knee deep in mulch and dislocated weeds when I happily trumpet "We're going Martha Stewart on this bitch!"

My feeling of triumph over crabgrass may have had something to do with the large amounts of passion fruit-flavored rum we were drinking, but I digress.

At the start of this little endeavor, my front yard looked something like this:

Um, yeah.  Apparently a crazy old witch-woman lives in my house.  Or at least that's what my front yard was telling people.  Not cool.  So, several hours of weeding, raking, drinking, and swearing later, we progressed to this:

Ah yes, much better.  This is of course pre-mulching.  I may have only bought one bag severely underestimated how much mulch a yard actually needs.  Whoops.

I planted some hyacinths right by the front door, and they smell soooooo good!  I also like the pop of blue against all the red brick and yellow and green of the shrubs.

Baby snapdragons!  I've had snapdragons before and they were pretty tough, so I'm hoping I don't kill these.  I kind of have a black thumb. :(

I loooove the color of this little guy!  I can't wait 'til he starts sporting more blooms.

I know it looks a little Plain Jane right now, but at least it's not weed-infested!  I've got some Dahlia and Liatris bulbs in, and sowed "Hummingbird and Butterfly Mix" wildflower seeds EVERYWHERE, so hopefully in the next couple weeks everything will look a little more like this...

Complete with the sun coming to live right in front of our music room window.

Have you guys been itching to get some plant life into the ground, too?  Any tips to keeping my flowers alive?  


  1. I have a seriously non-green thumb but my hubs and I tried planting a barrel of spinach and romaine, as well as covering our front garden with wildflower seeds. I seriously hope they bloom. We worked really hard on that... and we both abhor yardwork with the passion of a thousand white hot suns. It's terrible. But perhaps it will pay off! Fingers crossed for us both!

  2. Oh my gosh, look at you with your cute house! I am also starting to garden right now, but mine involves vegetables instead of flowers and everything is inside. I have to wait to transplant outside until the danger of snow has passed, which is usually in mid-may around here!

    1. I wish I could grow inside, we live in a cave. It's been in the 70s here since January - I wouldn't be surprised if we have a hell of a hurricane season. I miss you guys!