Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Living Room Progress

We've been moving and shaking (but mostly just spending money) here at the casa, but at least the house looks like it's inhabited by something other than boxes!

The living room isn't quite finished yet, but it's come a long way from this:

Note to self: Turn off the TV before you take a picture!

After moving some things around, we decided to put the couch where the TV was pictured above, with the love seat perpendicular to that.  The two blue throw pillows are from World Market and used to live on my bed.  They're much happier here; they don't get thrown on the floor as much.  The rug is from Target and is NOT sisal, as it would appear, but is chenile, so it's quite comfy.  In fact, Bear's created a little man cave under the coffee table.

We have this awkward little corner where the furniture butts up, so we stuck a lamp (also from Target) in it!  Any suggestions as to anything else we can use to jazz up that space a little?  

As you can see, our old, tiny TV didn't last very long.  Ryan bought that behemoth shortly after we moved in.  The TV console was a Craigslist steal at twenty bucks.  And now you know where my curtains are living!  Ryan HATES them, but I smile like an idiot every time I see them.  And he finally has something to block out the sun during his naps on the couch, so I'll call it a draw.  

I've never bought curtains in a color other than white until I bought some beige silk ones for the dining room (oooh, big risk.  NOT!), and I've definitely NEVER bought patterned curtains before, but I think I'm officially a convert.

Aaand the coffee table!  Some reading material (Ryan added a book of Huble pictures last night) is always available to browse when nothing good is on TV.  And the tray is probably the best investment I've made in this room.  We spend most of our spare time in here, and the coffee table tends to be a catchall, so the tray keeps it neat.  It's also the home of my poor orchid that is refusing to bloom.

I'd replace it with a fake one, but I'd feel bad if I got rid of the real one. :( 

Seriously, who gets sentimental over house plants!?  I need help.

There's still a good way to go until completion in here, including:
Staining the coffee and end tables a darker shade
Hanging a gallery wall above the sofa
Finding a large mirror/statement art for above the couch
New lamps for the end tables
Small bookshelf/desk/something for our empty awkward corner that, you guessed it, a box is living in.

Happy Tuesday folks!

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