Thursday, January 10, 2013

Make This: Caitlin Wilson-Inspired Pillow

I love Caitlin Wilson.  Her fabrics are a fun, fresh, modern take on chinoiserie.  They're feminine without being too girly, and add the perfect punch of color to any space.

What I don't love are her prices.

Sorry, Caitlin, but I just can't justify to my husband spending $60 on a throw pillow.  Ryan is in no way abusive, but I'm pretty sure I'd catch a beating if I brought home a pillow that expensive.

So imagine my surprise and delight when I came across this beauty whilst wandering around the aisles of Target, as I am wont to do on a Thursday afternoon.

I know Target does a lot of high-end knock offs, and these two pillows may as well be sisters.

Caitlin Wilson


And no, the Target pillow is not that annoyingly orange in person.  It's almost the exact same shade of coral as the CW pillow.

And, at $24.99 is a considerably cheaper option.

But still, $25?  For a PILLOW!?

Maybe I'm just in the dark here, but I just think that throw pillow prices these days are akin to highway robbery.

I mean, it's one thing if it's a really cool design/fabric that you can't find anywhere else, but a greek key grosgrain applique on a solid background? C'mon.

And so, being the DIY master that I am (ha!) I had a moment of insanity clarity and thought "Hey, I could totally make that!"

And off to the fabric store I went.

One yard of coral flannel (it was the only solid coral fabric they had), and a spool of cream grosgrain 1/2" ribbon later, I went home to get down with the Stitch Witchery.  I don't own a sewing machine... although my birthday is in July (hint, hint Ryan, because I know you're reading this).

45 minutes, a couple iron burns, and several curse words later, et voila!

My very own greek key coral pillow!
I've been trying to find an accent color to spruce up our master bedroom with (in case you haven't noticed, the whole damn thing is black, grey, and cream).  But what color?  Chartreuse?  Magenta? Nay, coral!  That fun, irresponsible cousin of pink who drinks a lot of tequila and has a badass shoe collection.

Yes, I did purchase the vase of fake flowers from Target.  Don't judge me.  I like how the pillow pulls that in, and I also have a colorful Furbish tray on my dresser that ties in nicely.

That is also the closest you will get to my handiwork, because if I gave you a real close-up you would be thoroughly unimpressed with my craftsmanship.

Some things I learned along the way:
1. Buy a damn sewing machine.  It just makes the process that much easier.
2. So does measuring out your fabric, as opposed to using another pillow cover as a stencil.
3. Applying the ribbon BEFORE assembling the pillow would make life so much easier.
4. As would drawing out the design as opposed to "winging it."
5. Don't get Stitch Witchery on top of your ribbon, because it will melt that shit to your iron.
6. Just cut the ribbon into pieces and applique that way.  Don't try to do it in one long piece with knife edges.  Just don't.

BUT, shoddy craftsmanship aside (and really, it ain't that bad, and it's not like I'm opening an Etsy shop or anything), it was totally worth the eight bucks I spent on fabric and ribbon.

And I'll take an $8 pillow over a $25 or $60 pillow any day.

But now the rest of the bed looks so lonely.  What do I do?  I'm thinking maybe some Euro shams with a nice navy blue hotel edging?  A coral throw for the end?  Punchy artwork?  A semi-grownup's work is never done.

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  1. Throw pillow prices ARE highway robbery. The other day I clicked on a link for a kilim pillow, price... $200. No. Just no. Sewing 2 squares of fabric together is one thing I can do!
    When I'm thrifting, I always take a look at the fabric. I've made some really cool $2 pillow covers out of thrift store fabric. Take that $200 pillows!