Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Pack Like a Pro

Does anyone else out there have an over-packing problem?  Please tell me I'm not the only one who packs five different outfits for an overnight trip.  That being said, packing for a week and a half sojourn seemed like a pretty daunting task, especially because Ryan and I needed to save room in our bags to bring home Christmas presents!  Well, over-packers, I'm here to tell you that you CAN fit all that crap AND have room on the return trip for your holiday haul.  Here's how.

First, you gotta plan your outfits.  We were traveling to somewhere much colder than Virginia, so I made sure to pack sweaters and things I could layer.  Lay out all your clothes so you can see what you've got.

Take your pants and lay them out in opposite directions, overlapping the seat.  Then lay out shirts on top, perpendicular, overlapping the collar.  Each garment should face 180 degrees from the preceding one.  Socks, underwear, and stockings were put in a large Ziploc bag, and I squeezed all the air out.  This was put on top of the rest of the clothing.

Then fold the edges of the shirts and pants over you sock bag, to make a nice, neat little bundle.

I folded my skirt and dress together, and rolled those up to tuck alongside my main "bundle."  I did the same thing with my camisoles and tanks.

The bulk of my clothes only took up half of my suitcase! :)

Flats went in those little mesh shoe pockets, I had a blazer and a large, bulky sweater that went on the opposite side of the suitcase.  The white mesh bag is a lingerie wash bag.  On one side I packed my second bra, and on the other coiled belts and a small Ziploc bag of jewelry.

If there's one lesson I've learned in packing, it is to always put your toiletries in a separate Ziploc bag!  The last thing you want is to scrub moroccan oil and toothpaste out of your jeans.  

Bear was wondering if he could fit in my suitcase.  I can pack one hell of a bag, but unfortunately a 60-lb dog wouldn't fit.

Boom!  Packed!  And the upside of packing neatly is that when the TSA searches your bag, they don't end up tossing your crap everywhere.  


  1. Great tips! I always feel the need to pack my entire closet. I forget that I'm traveling, not moving. It's a sickness!

    1. I'm pretty sure my husband DID pack his entire closet, and only ended up wearing three or four different shirts the whole time we were gone. For the week before the trip, I was mentally planning outfits so I wouldn't take too much haha.