Thursday, January 17, 2013

Threads: Putting Me Together

The great thing about Pinterest is that you have access to so many talented people, and their thoughts and ideas.  The lame thing about Pinterest is that it will suck up an entire day in browsing.  Well, true to form, I totally got sucked in last week and that's how I learned about Audrey, of the blog Putting Me Together.  I'm not usually one for style blogs - there is no way that I can afford DVF or Alexander McQueen.  And I am definitely not the type of person to take crazy style risks.

That's why I really fell in love with PMT.  Audrey puts together really cute, affordable, accessible outfits.  I've always been kind of a jeans and t-shirts girl, so pairing a sweater and leopard print loafers is kind of a big style leap for me.  One of my favorite segments of her blog are her "One Piece Eight Ways" features.  At the end of December she featured an olive cardigan, much like one I had folded up in my own dresser.

I bought that cardigan and wore it with jeans and a white t-shirt religiously for a season, and then stuffed it in the back of the dresser and never thought about it again.  It was drab.  It was boring.  It was that lovely mix of Army and baby poop greens that just happen to be really flattering on my skin tone.

Okay, okay, enough talk.  I know y'all wanna see some iPhone pictures of my outfit, right?  Right.  I was inspired by this picture (it's the second one over, with the flower-print dress).

Dress: American Eagle (old); Cardigan, Tights, Belt: Target; Socks: TJMaxx; Boots: Madden Girl; Watch: Michael Kors; Bracelet: Family heirloom
I really like the way Audrey juxtaposes things I wouldn't normally think of putting together, like a summer dress with tights and riding boots.  Her blog is definitely going to be a staple in my daily reads!

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  1. Casey, you look fantastic!! Hooray for finding new uses for pieces in your closet! This dress would also be really cute with a pink, yellow, or white/cream cardigan. It has so many fun colors to play with!

  2. Loving your outfit today lady! Looks good :)

  3. I love her blog, too :)
    And I adore your cute!