Wednesday, March 27, 2013

That Time Ryan Came With Me to the Grocery Store

In the early days of our relationship, Ryan used to go grocery shopping with me.  Mostly because I suck at grocery shopping.  Now that I have a total handle on this (ha!), Ryan refuses to attend the grocery store, despite my begging.  I hate, hate, hate grocery shopping, and just want someone to suffer through the experience with me.

Well, yesterday he came home early and after a lunch outing I conned him into joining me at the commissary.  And it's a dang good thing he did, because afterwards we went to the package store (the on-base liquor store).  As we were walking out I saw an empty liquor display that said "Free! Please Take With You!"  I jokingly asked if he wanted a liquor store display for our house.

Well, he did.

Bam!  Look at that puppy!  It's solid wood and heavy.  We've got plans to remove the logo from the shelf fronts and base so it looks more like salvaged, stacked barrels than a store display.  But our liquor bottles and glassware have already made themselves a happy home there.  And we've got a bunch of friends and family members asking if they can have it.

I told Ryan on the (very uncomfortable) ride home that I always read about bloggers who find cool stuff in random places, and how I'm never that person.  Well guess what?  I just joined the "I found cool shit fo' free" club.

Feels pretty good. ;)


  1. That is so cool! I actually really like grocery shopping and got super excited when I saw that my store had put out maps so hopefully I'll be able to do one lap instead of two or three like normal.

    1. I ALWAYS have to go back for something, even if I go up and down every single aisle. So frustrating! That is awesome your grocery store has a map! Where do you shop? I feel like I should make a map of my grocery stores. I shop at the one in my neighborhood and the one on base and they're just different enough that I get lost and confused.

  2. Hi Casey, I can totally understand how you feel about grocery shopping! The worst part about it is that once you are in, it takes foreeeeverr to get out, between reading the nutrition labels, price comparison, going back and forth down the aisles because you cant find what you are looking for, choosing between a million alternatives of cereal or toilet paper, forming the line to pay, carrying the heavy bags to the car...... Need I go on?? Its exhausting yes, but unfortunately its one of those necessary evils;) Besides isn't it great to open your fridge and seeing all your comfort food?

    Congrats on your awesome free stuff find!! Yahoooo!

    1. I think the worst part for me are all the crazy soccer moms. I go at the most random time of day in hopes of avoiding the general public, but it never works. I'm not even kidding when I say that when we went the other day, there was a lady STARING OFF INTO SPACE and just picking up and putting down tomatoes. Like maybe she had a mental snap or something? And my husband almost got run over in the parking lot because some woman in a giant SUV was busy looking down and screaming at her steering wheel.