Monday, March 25, 2013

Advertising: Who Doesn't Love Free Stuff?

Hey friends!  So after thinking long and hard about this, I've decided to further open up My Semi Grownup Life to the blogging community.  Even though my most avid reader is still my husband (love you boo!), it's been really fun sponsoring Jessica and Erin this month.  Mostly I love seeing new names and faces popping up in my comments section.

I like to think that I'm making new friends. :)

Well, I'd like to continue making new friends, but because I'm not six anymore I can't knock on your door and ask you to come play My Little Ponies with me in my back yard.  And as an adult and a blogger, I know how intimidating it is to approach random strangers about sponsorship.  So instead, I'm going to offer an ad swap!

For the month of April, I'm giving away FIVE 200x100 sidebar ads.  All you have to do is visit my Advertise page to see the details.  I want to get to know you guys.  I want to tell the world how awesome you are.  I wanna be fwends.  Can we be fwends?  I'll even rustle up some of those My Little Ponies (because I'm pretty sure I still have some in my attic).

I can't wait to get the opportunity to work with you!

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